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St. Louis Cardinals: Holliday Joins the Party

Cardinals 4/15

Matt Holliday was the last Cardinal to join the hit parade.

Prior to last nights game, Holliday had only 6 hits on the season with no homeruns. The 36 year old veteran is the last piece to the puzzle for the Cardinals.

There is no debating the importance of Holliday to the Cardinals. Holliday’s main job is to drive in Matt Carpenter and Jeremy Hazelbaker when they get on base. His downside is obviously his fielding. The veteran does not have the speed he once had to cover the ground in the outfield. Without his bat, Holliday does not bring much to the table for the Cards.

Last night, Holliday hit 2 homeruns for 4 RBIs, before he was replaced by Greg Garcia after the game became a blowout.

The bat is alive and well.

Holliday is crucial for the Cards. If he can keep playing well, he can eventually make the permanent move to first base. Matt Adams has not been able to prove that he has the ability to play everyday at first base. If Holliday can continue his success at the plate, moving him to first base is a no brainer. Making room for the likes of Hazelbaker and Tommy Pham would be great for a sometimes anemic Cardinals offense.

Holliday’s success is also vital to the Cardinals line up. With Jhonny Peralta and Pham on the DL, the Cardinals line up is a lot weaker. They are missing Peralta’s power in the middle of their lineup and a table setter in Pham. Holliday is able to bring both of those assets to the table for the Cardinals due to his freakish on-base percentage and herculean strength.

Holliday’s bat also means that there is less pressure on other players to succeed. Stephen Piscotty and Randal Grichuk already have extremely high expectations on them so if Holliday starts to play well, they will feel more comfortable and start to play better.

Holliday finally joined the party last night. Let’s hope they keep the party going.

Photo Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports