The Cardinals have a new offensive prowess that they have lacked for many years. But is it sustainable?

Through the first 12 game of the 2016 season, the Cardinals are leading the league in runs scored at 85. The next team in line, the Cubs, are more than 10 runs behind us. We are seeing the boys put up 10 spots in the box score more than we typically do in an entire season so far and it is a wonderful sight. But there is just one problem. Can it last? Do the Cardinals have an offense that is built for sustained clout?

The answer is yes and no.

It is yes due to the fact that 1-8, the Cardinals do not have a weak spot in the line up so far this season. Mike Matheny has tried his hardest to screw up the line up by sitting the majority of his starters on the same day but the replacements end up winning the game. We may strike out more than we should or we may not make all of a certain situation but a good at bat and a double can change a game really quick. The Cardinals have also made teams pay for careless mistakes.

If a team gives up a bunch of walks or make a terrible error in the field, the Cardinals, so far, have been able to capitalize by turning it into a rally of some sort. This type of play forces your opponents to believe they can only win if they do not make a mistake which puts more pressure on the little things. This causes more mistakes. Leading to more rallies. But while this is always a good thing, here are some factors that point to regression in offensive production.

The offensive leaders of this team 12 games in are relative nobodies in the game of baseball. Jeremy Hazelbaker, Aledmys Diaz, and Eric Fryer are simply just a band of misfit toys that are all stepping up at the same time for the Cards. Their numbers are fueled mostly by luck and will more than likely regress to career norms. The one that I believe will maintain high caliber play is Diaz. He hits the ball hard and takes great at-bats. His speed on the base paths also allows him to get on base more times than not.

The fact that he will also be the only one that gets regular playing time for the time being (bye bye Ruben Tejada). Tjis will allow for him to maintain his focus as well as his timing at the plate.

So in other words, the Cardinals Offense is going to get worse but that was expected. However, this offense is fueled by timely hitting and extra base power so the regression should not crater this team.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports