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St. Louis Cardinals: DH in the National League

The Cardinals lost their best pitcher last year to a fluky injury while he was batting. Is it time to bring the DH to the NL?

In every almost every national sport, every team in the league plays by the same rules regardless of the conference. It seems logical that if everyone is competing for the same trophy, that they would play under the same rules. This begs the question, why isn’t there a designated hitter in the National League.

It is illogical that the National League and the American League play with different rules if they are playing for the same title. In no other sport does such a rule exist. Pitchers hitting in the MLB are a joke. They are simply a free out at the end of the lineup. Having the pitcher hit also kills lineups. Teams are able to pitch around batters at the end of the order to get to the pitcher for a free out.

Of course there is the occasional pitcher like Adam Wainwright or Stephen Strasburg who has the ability to hit at the professional level but overall, pitchers are a free out.

Most pitchers in the MLB would prefer not to hit. There are so many pitchers who get injured swinging, getting hit by a pitch or running the bases. These players are being paid millions of dollars to pitch not to look like a fool trying to hit a 90MPH fastball. The Cardinals had Wainwright up at the plate early in the season when he tore his Achilles trying to make it down the base-path. Had he been in the AL, that injury may not have happened.

From the minor leagues to tee ball there is a designated hitter. The only time a pitcher hits is in the National League. We are training pitchers not to hit and only to pitch but then make them stand in the box against professional pitchers.

Pitchers hitting also isn’t entertaining for the fans. Fans would rather see sluggers hit balls over the fence than pitchers looking silly striking out. MLB today is losing fans because of their lack of scoring. By allowing the National League to have a designated hitter, it will increase scoring attracting a wider fan base as well as new fans who are more interested in seeing high scoring games than pitching duels.

All in all, pitchers in the national league should not have to hit. The fact that there is not a designated hitter still is a disgrace and commissioner Rob Manfred should take action upon this matter.