The Cardinals have dropped their first 3 games to a division rival nonetheless. But take a breath Cardinal Nation. Everything will be okay.

Well….. We are not where we would like to be. If you could flip the record right now to 3-0, many fans would simply say that it was expected. We are the Cardinals after all. But since we have dropped the first 3, the alarms are going off. The arm chair GM’s are calling for Matheny’s head (for good reason). The offense lacks discipline. We didn’t do enough in the offseason. GM John Mozeliak needs to get his act together. All of these complaints are real. Do not get me wrong. They are founded on real play, not just speculation.

However, there is one simple fact that we all must get through our heads. We are 3 games into a 162 game season. There is a lot of time left in this thing. Had this happened down the stretch and we were competing for playoff spot, then this would be pause for concern. But like I said earlier, we have 159 more games to play.

Some things do need to change though. The strike outs need to stop. It is frustrating watching a hitter as good as Matt Carpenter looking like a scared rookie at the plate. We need to swing the bat but not for the fences. Randal Grichuk, Kolten Wong, and Stephen Piscotty need to carry this offense and they can know it. They seem to try to swing for the parking lot with every stroke. Put the ball in play. That is all you need to do to win games with this pitching staff. Now on to them…

The pitching, on paper, is bad. The inability to go deep into games is rough to watch. Hard hit balls are a concern but in the case of Michael Wacha, he had some hard hit balls that were just simply good hits. The ball was not left over the plate, the Pirates were just good. The pitching will be there. The loss of John Lackey should not break the back of the rotation by any means. With Jaime Garcia, Carlos Martinez, and Adam Wainwright coming up next against the braves, the ship should get righted.

All in all, the Cardinals will be fine. As long as Matheny does not manage them into the ground and their pitching is the actual strength it is supposed to be. The offense will always be lacking but we knew that heading into the season.

Don’t worry Cardinal Nation, the birds on the bat will be just fine.

-Hope you enjoyed