The definition of insanity is repeating an experiment or action multiple times without change and expecting different results. Well if this is true, Manager Mike Matheny could be the most insane person out there.

So the Cardinals lost again yesterday. Losing has been something we as Cardinal fans have had to get used to for the first time in awhile. The team has some great pieces. The offense is solid. The pitching, while inconsistent, has shown flashes of last year’s historic run. The bullpen has the pieces too but the execution just isn’t there. Do you know who is supposed to put all of these pieces together in order to put a winning product on the field? I think it is the guy called the manager or in this case, Mike Matheny.

Now back to that terrible loss. The offense came back not once but twice to take the lead away from the Miami Marlins. They hit 4 homeruns and put up 6 runs. That should be enough to win a game. But no. That is not how this Cardinals team works. Jaime Garcia got into bit of a jam in the 7th. 2 runners on with only 1 out. Garcia was only at 93 pitches and has one of the best groundball rates in the game but Matheny wanted to go to his ace in the hole in the form of Trevor Rosenthal.

Does anyone remember the last time Rosenthal pitched? Oh yeah, it was when the Brewers walked us off…. The Brewers… Now, to be fair he was not the one on the mound at that time but he was the one who came into a tied ball game and and put 2 runners on for Oh. Every time Matheny has put him on the bump during a stressful moment during the game he walks, hits, or gives up a hit to multiple batters. For Matheny to think that would change simply due to a nice little 4 day break.

Rosenthal simply cannot go into a game when winning is on the line. A blow out either way is when he needs to toe the rubber. Or down in Memphis. You may see John Mozeliak take the choice out Matheny’s hand and rosey on a bus down to Tennessee. Rosenthal can be a great help to this team. He just needs time to figure this all out. But when you are trying to catch a team that is now 8 Games ahead of you in the standings, the time for him to figure it out is not when the game is on the line.

Let’s just hope that Matheny can realize that before the games back column gets bigger.

-Hope You Enjoyed