The Cardinals capped off a 3-game sweep of the baby bears yesterday at Wrigley. This was the first time that a Cardinals team has done that since 1988. Even though those are 3 big wins, they don’t really do much in terms of standings.

Now let me be the first to say that sweeping the Cubs in Wrigley is huge. Especially when the last starting pitcher is Jake Arrieta. It is great to hand a team like the Cubs three consecutive losses and make them look human for once in the season. The Cardinals played, arguably, their best series of the season when they needed to most. The pitching was solid, the offense was there, and the bullpen was close to perfect. The only problem is, besides a psychological victory, this sweep does little to help the Cardinals.

Don’t get me wrong. The Cardinals needed to sweep the Cubs. It had to happen for them to stay afloat in the central and they needed it to make the fans happy. But all is not right in Cardinal nation. Remember that big 3-game sweep of the Pirates in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago? Everyone was saying here come the Redbirds. At that moment, we stood 9.5 games back of first in the division. Everything started to click. We started winning more games. The pitching was turning it around.

Then the Cardinals dropped 5 straight to Texas teams at home. I repeat, we dropped 5 games at home. We swept in an entire home stand. We keep hearing the Cardinals described as road warriors, mostly due to their NL leading road record, but winning at home has always been the Cardinals Calling card.

This inconstancy at home causes any success on the road to be basically wiped away. Remember the pirates series I mentioned earlier and how we were 9.5 back after that sweep? Guess how far we are back now. Still 9.5 games. That’s right. We have moved no where in the stands since the Pittsburgh series.

The Sweep was needed in order to stop the skid. It really was. But the Cardinals have a lot more to do before they can even think of first place in the central.

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Photo Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports