We’ve been waiting for this for a long time – Cardinals’ top prospect Oscar Tavares will be starting in right field tonight against the Giants. Whether he continues to play for the rest of the season is in his hands. Depending on his performance, he could continue to start for the rest of the season. Here is fantasy sports writer Scott White’s analysis:

It’s not clear how long Taveras will stay up, but at least for now, I have him ranked as if he is up for good. Unless the Cardinals are highly concerned about the implications for Taveras’ Super Two status, it’s hard to see how he doesn’t supplant Peter Bourjos, Jon Jay or Randal Grichuk in center field once Matt Adams returns from the disabled list.

With four months of regular play, I would expect Taveras to hit around .285 with 12 home runs and between 50 and 55 RBI and runs, though those figures could shift depending on where he will hit in the batting order. That’s not too different from what I would expect from Michael Cuddyer, so I have ranked Taveras just behind the Rockies’ outfielder, placing him 39th in Head-to-Head and 40th in Rotisserie at the position.