I’ll be in attendance this afternoon at Busch Stadium — pretty excited.  I’ll also be at the game Thursday and hopefully Friday to watch my Redbirds advance to the Fall Classic.  Look, today’s game isn’t an important win because it’s a home game, it’s important because it dictates who has control of the series — especially so for the Cardinals (playing the next two at home).  Since 1995, home teams have only won roughly 53% of postseason home games.  For that reason, it’s not as much the home field advantage that makes the difference with this afternoon’s game.  It’s important because the Cards got absolutely shellacked in Game 2, and a loss here would mean they have completely lost all momentum to the Giants, and are down in the series.  It’s always important to be ahead or even in a postseason series, for that means you have a little leeway in terms of performance (unless it’s a Game 7).  If the Cards lose this game they will have to take 3 of 4 from the Giants, no easy task.  They’ll face a tough pitcher in Cain, but the last time Kyle Lohse faced a dominant starter (Kris Medlen of the Braves), the Cards came out with a big W.  Hopefully they can get it done today.