I’m still having trouble getting over last night. It didn’t scare me that we were facing Matt Cain or that we were in AT&T Park. Though they had gotten badly beaten the last couple games, I thought this team’s resiliency would come out on top like they always do. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The pitching wasn’t even that bad — the Giants got a couple great bounces and the defense really failed, something I’ve been saying would come back to bite them all season long.

2012 was an incredible season. In their first season without Albert Pujols, Tony LaRussa, and Dave Duncan in over ten years, they squeaked into the playoffs with the new format and they beat the Washington Nationals in truly historic fashion to reach the NLCS. ¬†Game 5 of the division series will always be remembered in Cardinals history as possibly the greatest single-game comeback they’ve ever had (obviously Game 6 is on that list as well).

They should have won this series. No doubt. When you have a 3-1 series lead, there are no excuses. They played terribly over the past three days and that’s the reality, scoring one run over their last 28 innings. You do have to give credit when it’s due though. The Giants fell behind 2-0 to Cincinnati and came back. Then they fell 3-1 to the Cardinals and came back. While I obviously wish the Cards came out on top, the Giants are almost pulling a “2011 Cardinals-type season” and are in the midst of a magical run. While I don’t think they’re a particularly likable team, it doesn’t mean what they have done is not impressive.

With that in mind, welcome to CardsBlog, the off-season edition. Be sure to stay with us over the next few months as we will update several times a day with the latest rumors and opinions on the hot stove, as well as other Cardinals news.