The Cardinals have been scuffling lately, recording a 4-9 record in their last 13 games. Luckily though, the other teams in the National League Wild Card picture have failed to capitalize on the Cardinals’ recent swoon.

At 75-66, the Cards still stand alone in the second Wild Card spot, 1 game ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers and 3 games ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

At 10 games back of the Cincinnati Reds–who have a 99.7% chance of holding on (according to–the Cardinals’ focus is now solely on the Wild Card, and with half of their remaining 18 games against either the Astros or Cubs, they will have every opportunity to make it to the one-game playoff game against the Braves–barring another late-season collapse from them–who look to be running away with the top Wild Card spot.

Coolstandings has the Cardinal’s Wild Card chances at 62.1%, Dodgers’ chances at 21.6%, and Pirates’ chances at 7.9%. I’m not much of a math person, but it seems to me like there really is no reason we shouldn’t make it. No excuses, boys.