The Topps “Bunt” App is sure to provide hours of excitement for all baseball fans.

For all who do not know, Topps “Bunt” is the baseball trading card app featuring Mike Trout. He has been promoting the app since the beginning of the season. The app works by assigning different levels of rarity to different cards: super rare, scarce, uncommon, and common. In order to win the most points you want to play the best players with the highest rarity before every game. Starting pitchers tend to win the most points so pulling a Gold-super-rare Waino would be ideal.

Every person in this massive online game starts nine of their best players expected to play that night. Devoted fans can switch players up to 50 times during the day to compose the best team. Baseball players who do well during a game earn more points for the gamers who play their card.

“Bunt” is free with options to buy more coins which can be used to buy more virtual packs. The game gives players 1000 coins per day to play with but the best packs can cost up to 10,000 points. If you buy actual Topps baseball cards, they also come with inserts that can unlock more free virtual packs.

There are a few setbacks to the game, however. Newer players have to be patient when getting coins. Buying the cheap packs will not help win points. Also, the app itself is flawed because of its confusing design. You might play one player, but switch between screens too quickly causing him to be dropped from your bench. Other gamers also spam the message board like crazy so trades are nearly impossible to coordinate.

Overall, the app is a fun one. If you have unlimited data, you can freely enjoy the game as either a casual collector or a star studded card shark.90d04e417effefce246c251801adeb47