Well, what is there left to say. Let’s get all the links out of the way first:

Tom Verducci of SI explains why the Cardinals win was more methodical than magical

Here is Joe Strauss’s take on last night as well as the recap from Viva El Birdos

Peter Hartlaub remembers the epic 1987 brawl between the San Francisco Giants and Cardinals.

Buster Olney takes a look at some of the interesting match ups in the both the NLCS and ALCS.

Look, I could post all the links in the world right now, but I don’t think adding more articles about this absurd comeback will do anything more than it has already. According to FanGraphs, the Cardinals had a 3.7% chance of winning last night after being down 6-0 in the third inning. What this statistic fails to calculate of course is that the Cardinals refuse to lose. If Bill James still believes there’s no such thing as clutch hitting, he is clearly wrong.

I was listening to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio a couple days ago, and Mike Greenberg made the statement that until the Cardinals actually lose, he will not accept the fact that they are underdogs in any series. This group of guys have absolutely defied baseball logic the past couple years. 13 times last night, Drew Storen was one pitch away from sending his teams to the NLDS. 5 times, he was one strike away.

Last night is the reason I love baseball more than anything in this world. Unlike football, basketball, or hockey, you choose your own destiny in baseball. You decide in baseball when the clock is out. Even when you’re down to your last strike as many times as the Cardinals were last night, it doesn’t matter. You can still create miracles.

As for the next week, the CardsBlog team will be all over this. We will be posting all day, every day as the Cardinals continue to try and make it 12 and 12. This has been an incredibly exciting year to be a Cardinals fan. 60, 70, 80 years from now, not just the baseball world, but the entire sports world will look back on the miraculous comebacks that this St. Louis Cardinals dynasty has accomplished. LET’S GO CARDS.