Some fans may not be aware that one of the main staples of the MLB award season, the Cy Young Award, did not exist until 1956. That was the first year the award was established, and it was won by the Dodgers’ Don Newcombe.  For the first eleven years, until 1966, there was only one Cy Young awarded to the best pitcher in both leagues. Since the 1967 season, it has been awarded annually to one pitcher from each league. One this date in 1956, the Baseball Writers Association of America voted to establish the award following that season. Until then, the only award (that wasn’t rookie-specific) that recognized that type of talent from a pitcher was the MVP award. Of course, the Rookie of the Year had been established in 1947, with the first one going the Jackie Robinson. So how many Cy Young awards have been won by Cardinals pitchers? Three. Two by Bob Gibson, in 1968 and 1970. One by Chris Carpenter, in 2005. Adam Wainwright has finished in second place in the Cy Young balloting twice, losing in 2010 to Roy Halladay, and in 2013 to Clayton Kershaw. He also finished in third place once, in 2009. Shockingly, he has not won one yet, but if he keeps up what he’s been doing this year, he should be a lock to get one.