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Thursday Link Roundup

Sorry about the news being a little bit slow on CardsBlog these days…we have been working hard on a new redesign of CardsBlog that will be released sometime over the next few months and we are very much looking forward to it. Here is a link roundup of things that have been going on around Major League Baseball lately.

— This Marlins/Blue Jays trade has everyone in sports talking. It’s extremely controversial and has made a lot of executives around baseball worried, as Buster Olney writes

R.A. Dickey and David Price won the Cy Young awards on Wednesday evening, capping the end of wonderful seasons for both pitchers.

— The MVP race will finally conclude tonight. While Buster Posey is expected to win in a landslide, it will be fascinating to see what happens in the American League between Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera. I also expect Yadier Molina to get some first place votes tonight…

— Derrick Goold discusses how the Cardinals’ wish list has been modified.
Our little mini hiatus is over and we will be back all day, every day with all your Cardinals information and related MLB analysis all off-season long. As always, Let’s Go Cards.