Good Morning Cardinal Nation. Here’s what I have for you this morning:

Matt Holliday

HOLLIDAY ON PEDS: Derrick Goold wrote this morning about Matt Holliday, who believes there should be much stricter policies regarding steroid use. From the article:

“I’d go first time (you get caught) you miss a full season, 162 games you’re out,” Holliday said, according to a transcript of the show provided to The Post-Dispatch. “And then the second time I think you are suspended for a lifetime with the eligibility after two years maybe to apply for reinstatement. That’s what I would do. I feel like that’s pretty harsh but I think that’s what we need. I think we need harsher penalties. I think that would be a good start.”

I think if you’re a player who doesn’t use PEDs, then you have to be in support of extremely strict policies. It’s obviously just not fair to those players who work hard without steroids and other substances of that nature. As I wrote yesterday, this whole situation going down in Miami is just a mess. There is no doubt that Alex Rodriguez’s legacy is tarnished forever, and I have a feeling more and more names are going to be popping up as we make progress with this investigation. It’s all very sad, and I’m just waiting for the day when baseball truly becomes a clean and fair sport again.

DEWITT ON BALLPARK VILLAGE: Bill DeWitt joined 101ESPN on Wednesday to talk about the groundbreaking of Ballpark Village, and some other stuff. Here’s a little of what he had to say:

  • It has something for everybody and will enhance the game day experience. There will be a restaurant, Cardinals Hall of Fame, seating deck, among other attractive features that all fans can enjoy.
  • The goal is for it to be ready on Opening Day 2014.
  • They have acquired a number of jerseys from old Hall-of-Famers and a number of other items from auctions and places like that, which they plan to showcase in their new Hall of Fame. No other club “has come close” to collecting the amount of memorabilia that they have.
  • He will always remember Stan’s funeral. He felt good that it was a celebration of a life that was truly well-lived.
  • He described Stan almost as an “uncle-figure.” He was always fun to be around and more special than anybody ever anticipated. He was somebody that “put you at ease,” despite how much in awe you may have been of him.
  • There will be a uniform patch throughout the 2013 season to commemorate Stan. They will also try and do something nice on Opening Day to remember him.