Trying to beat Bradley to get out my column first… let’s see how it goes.  Huge series begins tonight, here’s the matchup:

St. Louis Cardinals: Lance Lynn (13-5; 3.73 ERA)

Lance needs to revert to his early season form now.  It is crucial to get this series off on the right foot, and Lynn simply hasn’t been good enough lately.  In his last 5 starts he has pitched a total of just 26.1 Innings, allowing 19 ER over those innings.  If he pitches like that, the Reds lineup will jump on him and take control of this game before the Cards bats even have a chance.


Cincinnati Reds: Mat Latos (10-3; 3.56 ERA)

In Latos‘ last four starts he’s thrown 29.1 Innings allowing just 4 ER.  Great stuff.  However, this Cards lineup has a propensity to hit off of Latos.  In the career head-to-head, tonight’s lineup is batting .368 off of Latos, a solid number.  We’ll see if the Redbirds are able to get their bats on a pitcher that at times recently has seemed unhittable.

THE SKINNY: The bottom line: if Latos pitches as well as he has been over the last few weeks, I just don’t know if Lynn and Cards can hang with him.  He has been in complete control of his arsenal of pitches, and is mixing up extremely well, keeping hitters off balance.