St. Louis Cardinals: Jake Westbrook (13-9; 3.67 ERA)

Westbrook actually has a far better stat record on the road this season than at Busch.  In away games, he has a 3.33 ERA, whereas at home he has a 3.84 ERA.  Most different, however, is the difference in opponent batting averages.  At Busch, opponents are hitting .287 against Westbrook, but on the road they are hitting just .245.  Not only does this make Westbrook a good option tonight in Pittsburgh, but it also shows he can be valuable come Postseason.


Pittsburgh Pirates: James McDonald (11-6; 3.73 ERA)

McDonald has struggled immensely in his past 8 starts.  He has allowed 4 or more earned runs in 7 of those starts, and has posted ERA’s of 5.97 in July and 5.91 in August.  However, in the one start that wasn’t 4 or more earned runs, McDonald went 6 innings and allowed just 2 hits and no earned runs against the Cardinals.  McDonald has actually been relatively dominant of the Cardinals lineup, as they have a combined .239 career average against him.

THE SKINNY: It all hinges upon whether or not McDonald is the pitcher we’ve seen over the past two months, or the pitcher we’ve seen regularly be dependable against the Cardinals.  Should be an interesting.