New York Mets: Matt Harvey (3-3; 2.76 ERA)

Don’t be turned off of Matt Harvey because his team is just 3-4 in his starts — in those four losses the Mets have scored a combined 6 runs, barely supporting their pitcher at all.  Harvey has in fact been very strong in his first seven starts; he has allowed more than 2 earned runs on just one occasion.  Harvey’s strong start can be attributed to the fact that he has absolutely shut down right-handed hitters.  So far, in 68 at-bats, right-handed batters are hitting just .176 off of him and has allowed just 6 extra base hits, none of which are triples or home runs.


St. Louis Cardinals: Jaime Garcia (3-6; 4.52 ERA)

The Cards have lost Jaime’s past five starts, and in the past four opponents have scored 9, 6, 8, and 8 runs. Further, Jaime has gone more than 6 innings in just one of those starts, and given how much the bullpen has pitched recently, another short start would be even further debilitating.  Jaime needs to get back to what has worked for him in the past: control.  It seems more and more as if he is trying to overpower batters, and quite simply it is not working.  He has lost control, and is thus losing what has worked in the past.

THE SKINNY: Harvey seems like the better option at this time, and it’s hard to pick against a guy that has only allowed more than 2 ER once this season.