Look, the biggest loss with Chris Carpenter isn’t his arm.  Yes, he was a great pitcher, but his presence in the locker room is what will be most missed when he retires.  He is a sensational leader, and was the driving force behind the 2011 World Series push.  Trevor Rosenthal has been training with him this entire offseason, and it isn’t pitching technique that he is mostly taking away — it’s how to be a leader in the clubhouse. With a changing of the guard, to a degree, from the old to the new in the Cardinals dugout, this is what will be the most important.  The talent is all there (No. 1 farm system), but the work ethic and the ability to lead are not… yet.  Those are traits that need to be learned, and it is good to see that the young arms are learning from the master while he’s still around.