— Derrick Goold comments on the ‘urgency’ there is in the Cards’ clubhouse to keep winning.

— Kyle Lohse is open to contract discussions

— Can Jaime Garcia be productive down the stretch?

— A fan was arrested on Monday night for pointing a laser toward manager Mike Matheny.

It is a no-brainer that the Cards have to try and resign Lohse. He has by far been the most consistent and reliable starter in the rotation over the past several years and MO should do whatever he can to keep him. The reality is that Lohse will be one of the best starters out on the market this upcoming offseason, making his value that much more. Unless there’s something in the Cards’ finances, though, that I’m not aware of, I see no reason why they can’t offer him somewhere around a four year contract worth approximately $60 million. While the Cards certainly have a lot of starting pitching, including prospect Shelby Miller who may very well be in this rotation next Spring, losing Lohse would be extraordinarily detrimental for this team.

In regards to Garcia, obviously no one knows how he is physically feeling. One thing I do know, however, is that if he does not perform and the Cards are in a situation where they are scrambling for as many wins as possible (which will most likely be the case), the Cards have a man in Joe Kelly who has been superb since being called up in June. If Garcia comes back and has a rough few starts, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put Kelly back in that five slot.