As I was casually looking through news articles today, I came across a particularly surprising one from XN news by Sam Spiegelman. Among the teams looking to make trades, they cited that the Rockies were looking to get rid of Troy Tulowitzki–the best shortstop in baseball. They would be looking to pick up pitchers.

Most likely, Spiegelman argued, he would go to the Mets. Unsurprisingly, the Mets need to add power to their lineup. Still, at the very end of the article, Spiegelman hinted that the Cardinals were also interested in pick up Tulo. Those were the only two teams he named.

To be explicit, picking up Tulo would be the greatest thing to happen to the Cardinals since 2011. For some reference of how good he is, Tulo is batting a .340 which, if it holds, would be the best batting average of any Cardinal since Albert Pujols’ prime. He has 21 home runs which is more than the sum of the entire Cardinal outfield. Tulo gets on base 43% of the time he bats.

Outside of my pipe-dream, there are a few downsides to Tulo. First, he is injured. We all know that injury can leave a lot to chance. Tulo also only plays shortstop, which would put Jhonny Peralta in a weird place especially considering the price tag of having both players. Peralta has been doing extremely well the back half of this year and it would be a waste not to play him. If one of them could move to second, it would provide a massive boost to the Cardinals’ bats.

With Tulo, the Cardinals would be destined to go deep into the playoffs. The Brewers would quickly fall well behind the Cards being outgunned on the mound and outhit at the plate. Tulo’s price tag, though high, may guarantee packed stadiums and even a World Series within the next few years.

To check out the XN Sports article, follow the link below.