John Mozeilak made comments yesterday regarding Kyle Lohse and Lance Berkman, saying that neither is likely to return to the Cardinals for the 2013 season.

This is unsurprising as we always knew that Lohse was going to command somewhere between $80-100 million, and I don’t think that’s a figure the Cardinals are prepared to spend. It’s unfortunate that Lohse’s last outing was game seven. He has had a wonderful career as a Cardinal, and should this be the end, I only wish him the best. At least the Cardinals will most likely get a draft pick out of it as they are expected to make a qualifying offer to Lohse that is worth 1 year, $13 million. Lohse will presumably reject that offer and then sign with another team, whose first or second round draft pick will go to the Cardinals.

In regards to Berkman, it would just be a waste of a roster spot. I love Berkman and am as appreciative as anyone of the service he has given this ball club, but his abundance of injuries just make it too hard for him to be a reliable component of the 2013 squad. I think he would be very well suited as a coach or instructor of some sort, but to give a guy to a spot who could only pinch-hit in limited times, I think is a waste.

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