Michael Wacha has a unique last name, one that is a little too similar to that of Waka Flocka Flame to be totally coincidental.

This connection needs to be investigated. Could Michael Wacha secretly double as Waka Flocka Flame?

The Evidence:

They both go hard in the freaking paint. Wacha, as demonstrated thus far in ST, has been absolutely painting with 97 MPH fastballs. Waka, well you can listen for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPBoG80RgVo (*EXPLICIT*). He even braves the elements to take the mound:

Looks like he is straight out of Game of Thrones :

Is this a sign? I’ll leave that to the conspiracy theorist.

While Waka is known for his hit song, “No Hands”, Wacha is no Gold Glover himself, as evidenced by him being unable to snag this tough throw from Yadier Molina. He has a career fielding percentage of 96.1, which is good but definitely not great.

Continuing with this theme, Wacha is no stranger to a “Round of Applause“, or getting his “Game On“. Even more, with his electric stuff, he stays “Bustin At ‘Em“. Most importantly, after rehabbing through a rough shoulder injury, we know he stays “Workin‘” (All songs are EXPLICIT).

Could he be heading Loufest this year?

That remains to be seen.The coincidence would be too much if Wacha announces his candidacy for presidency. However, he will be in the starting rotation this year, and I’m happy for him. He’s really turned a corner this Spring and looks to have regained his All-Star form. Let’s just enjoy #funWacha: