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Waino Must be Bueno the Rest of 2016

Cardinals Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright had a relatively strong start last night if you do not count the epic battle that took place in the 7th that resulted in a 2-run blast. If the Cardinals wish to reach October, he has to be better.

The Cardinals pulled off what seemed to be the impossible last night in pulling a victory from Mets closer Jeurys Familia which had not been done in 52 attempts. This could very well be the win of the year and catapult the Cardinals to new heights. Or it could just be a good win that is apart of this inconsistent season.

Whatever it may be, it resulted in the Cardinals getting a half game lead on the Mets and pushing forward through longest part of their schedule. But if the Cardinals do want to compete and possibly challenge the Cubs this season, Adam Wainwright must pitch like the Adam Wainwright of old.

Think about it. Right now, the starting rotation has one dependable guy and that is Carlos Martinez. The other 4 have been both good and bad at times. The Cardinals need that other go to guy and it should be their ace. If the Cardinals can get another shut down pitcher, alot of the concerns over record and catching the Cubs would be eased. This is because you think you have a strong shot at winning at least 3 games out of 5. This thought is backed by your 2 go to guys and then one of the other 3 starters having a strong outing.

You can say alot of things about the team on the north side. They are young. They acquired the most dominant arm the game has seen in some time. But at the end of the day, starting pitching sets the tone. And the Cubs Starting pitching has been falling apart for around a month or so. John Lackey can’t buy a win. Jake Arrieta is pitching like a pitcher that has has 4 ERA. Jon Lester can’t go deep into games. These were supposed to be their top 3 but they all of a sudden look very human.

If Waino can get back to form and rattle off 8-10 victories down the home stretch, that games back number will shrink.

Now its just time to sit back and wait for it all to come together.

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Photo Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports