Good Morning Cardinal Nation. Here’s what I have for you this morning:

2013 HALL OF FAME BALLOT REVEALED TODAY: The day has finally come. Of course, many are expecting it to be a blank ballot, as John Shea writes. I watched most of the one-hour special on MLB Network last night which featured Bob Costas, Joe Posnanski, Tom Verducci, Chris Russo, Al Leiter, and Harold Reynolds, and I found the arguments to be pretty valid on both sides. I’ve been very bad at this debate over the past few weeks because I keep switching sides. I truly do not know what I would do if I had a ballott. I think because I grew up with Bonds and Clemens, I’ve been trying to rationalize a way for them to get in, but at the end of the day, it’s more than logical to say that they shouldn’t be given the honor of being in the Hall of Fame because of the way they cheated the game. If we do end up with a blank ballott, this will for sure be a very sad day for baseball. To conclude on this, here’s an article from Tyler Kepner explaining why the voting rules should be changed.

ADAM LAROCHE SIGNS TWO-YEAR DEAL: Adam LaRoche signed a two-year deal with the Washington Nationals on Tuesday worth $24 million. The three significant free agents still on the market on Kyle Lohse, Michael Bourn, and Rafael Soriano (all Scott Boras clients). Apparently, with the Rangers just having signed Lance Berkman, they may be a little bit more inclined to sign Lohse.

NEW DUGOUT/BULLPEN PHONES: This is actually somewhat relevant if you’re a Cardinals fan, given the LaRussa-Lynn phone debacle from the 2011 World Series. Basically MLB and T-Mobile announced a new partnership that will consequently replace the old and antiquated dugout-to-bullpen phones.

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