Back in August, I was scrolling through the Washington University Class of 2019 Facebook page when I saw a post that caught my attention. A Wash U graduate, Mike Fisch, posted about a Cardinals baseball blog he was looking to pass on to a new owner. Having always been a Cardinals fan I didn’t see any reason not to reach out and at least ascertain the possibility of obtaining the blog. After talking with Mike I decided that I was extremely interested. They had a great domain name, an entire site built out, were receiving media releases from the Cardinals, and Wash U gave students class credits to write for the website.

When I got to school and found the perfect person to partner with in Sam Pointer, we were ready to get off to the races. But there were a few issues. First of all, there had been no content on the site in about a year and a half. Second of all, while the layout of the site wasn’t terrible, it was not nearly at the point me and Sam deemed would be professional. And third, Sam and I had never done anything in web design or blog writing.

So what did we do? We got to work.

From November when we acquired the site up until late last night, we have been steadily working on relaunching and reinventing CardsBlog with a new face. We did an entire revamping of the site, revamping of our social media platforms (which you can check out here), and we assembled a team of 5 to put CardsBlog on the map.

But what do five college kids have that people in St. Louis who have been writing about baseball for decades don’t?

We have heart, creativity, baseball prowess and energy.

All five of us have grown up huge Cardinal fans, and we have noticed that there is a gap in Cardinal baseball news that we can fill. There are some good sites and writers out there, but there is nobody giving the fans exactly what they want to read about, how they want to read about it, and when they want it.

Will this growth and success come right away? Of course not. But over the next months and few years we will be continuously iterating on what we currently have to make it better, and a large portion of the changes that we will make will be to please you all. We want to give Cardinal baseball fans the best content on the web, and we won’t stop until we get there.

We are excited for this journey, and we hope that each day we make progress in providing the best fans in baseball with meaningful, interesting and engaging Cardinal news.

If you have feedback, suggestions or would like to write then please reach out to us.

Thanks for being here for the Cardinals for all of these years,

We hope that starting today we can be here for you.