In the Cardinal’s winter meetings it has been revealed that the team plans on playing Matt Carpenter at first-base. So, what happens to Matt Adams?

Matt Adams has been on the St. Louis Cardinals his entire professional career. In his first three seasons with the team (2012-2015), Adams showed a huge upward trend—increasing from a .244 in his first season to .288 in his third. Unfortunately, Adams came out of the gate slowly in 2015 and was unable to make it up after suffering a season-ending right quad injury 60 games into the season. When he came back this season, the results were average at best; Average batting average (.249) and average home-run count (16).

So since Matt Carpenter, the Cardinal’s best hitter by far, has been given the starting role at first-base for next season, will the Cardinals keep or trade Adams? It’s a really interesting question. Especially when you consider that the Cardinal’s other first-basemen, Brandon Moss, was denied a qualifying offer five days ago. The Cardinals could always keep Adams as a much needed backup. The only other player on the team with any experience at first-base, since both Moss and Holliday are no longer on the team, is Stephen Piscotty. Given this fact, keeping Adams would make sense.

It all comes down to the question of which is more valuable; Matt Adams on the bench, or a player he could be traded for? So we’ve kind of assessed his value on the bench as a backup average power bat on the bench, which would allow the team to move around Matt Carpenter later on in the season. Now, on the other side of the debate, Adams could easily be put into a package deal for a usable arm and another bat. Adams is not a bad player, and could easily fill a starting first-base roll on many teams in the MLB. The Cardinals could trade for a solid pitcher that they could utilize throughout the next couple seasons. The team has tons of depth and flexibility, and could easily overcome the loss of Adams.

Last year, the Cardinal’s struggled with their pitching. Any addition of depth or quality on the mound could mean a lot for this team moving forward. In my opinion, trading Adams away would yield a lot more of value than would be gained from keeping Adams. Gaining a solid reliever, or a four or five starter plus a solid bat off the bench in exchange for Adams and another player could be really beneficial for the club.

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Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports