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What It’s Like to Go to a Cardinals Game

Take me out to the ballgame

There’s nothing quite like going to a Cardinals game. The excitement builds as traffic slows your car on highway 44/55. Or perhaps you decided to take the Metro: That beautiful red engulfs you as you scoot your way to the stadium. You are never able to arrive fast enough. Finally the stadium pops into sight. It stands majestic and strong, a sacred ground that has manifested itself in many memories across multiple generations of Cardinals’ faithful. Roars echo out of the stadium as you wait your place in line, cheering on that which will soon become apparent. The energy starts to become palpable, for it is impossible to not get awash with elation upon entering. Making your way to your seats, you bump into many others all with the same common goal: cheer on a Cardinals win. Looking around into the sea of crowds you are able to find people from all reaches of life. A number of Children’s faces hover above the crowd as they sit upon their parent’s shoulders. Friends playfully push each other as they devour their delicious hot dogs. One can easily get lost in an overwhelming sense of family, of belonging to something greater. It is near impossible to go to a game and not see someone you know.
When people talk about Cardinals’ fans being the best, people from the outside may scoff. It is easy to think that your fandom is the best, it is natural to have this sense of pride in your hometown team and city. What those from the outside fail to recognize is the real claim us Cardinals’ fans can make towards being the best fans in baseball. There is no where else can you find such friendly, outgoing people that are so excited to share in America’s pastime together. A rich history chock full of success has bred this Cardinal way. In some ways it can be described as the heartbeat of St. Louis. No matter what St. Louis neighborhood you come from, chances are you are a diehard Cards fan. It is a uniting force across the city, something everyone can get excited for. This does not even get into the actual game. Those that wear the birds on the bat across their chest become local superheroes, cherished by young and old alike.
As all those who have attended can attest, there’s nothing quite like going to a game at Busch Stadium. It is where dreams are born and lifelong memories formed. I will forever be proud to call myself a St. Louis Cardinals’ fan!