Until recently, I never really believed in instant replay. While I always understood the extremely reasonable logic of “if it’s available, why not use it,” I was always in favor of letting the game be played the way it was intended to be played. Umpires have been making mistakes for dozens of years. Its only in the last few years that we’re able to see where they’re screwing up because of all the advanced technology that allows us to see plays from every possible angle. In addition, while I love it more than anything, baseball is long enough as it is. I personally don’t love the idea of sitting around for managers to challenge and argue every call they disagree with.

Having said that, between Monday night’s game as well as the Yankees-Tigers game on Sunday, there have just been a great number of missed calls lately, suggesting to me that maybe something should finally be done. The problem is, I don’t know where you draw the line. Are we going to get to a point where people want to call instant replay for strikes and balls? I still do really love the human element part of the game. And over 162 games, I really do believe that the bad calls balance out. Of course, you never remember the calls that shouldn’t have gone in your favor, just the ones that went against you.

But in the playoffs, there isn’t a lot of time for things to balance out. There are six umpires on the field, and the reality is that they should be able to make the right call, particularly on a play where the umpire seemed to have a perfect angle. But if they can’t, maybe it’s time for Major League Baseball to start considering the use of instant replay, at least in games of such great importance.