Written by Reed Tuttle

There are a number of reasons the Cardinals are six games back in the NL Central. But one specific statistic I would like to focus on is that they are currently 14-26 in 1 or 2 run ball games.  This can be interpreted a few ways.  One being that the Cardinals are competing in most ballgames and aren’t getting blown out of the water like a team such as the Houston Astros.  It can also be interpreted that we are just a few minor tweaks away from getting over the hump, and taking the division lead.

On that note, there a few great things coming the Cardinals way.  Going into the season everyone knew that the achilles heal of the team was going to be age. With a team of older players, there are always going to be durability issues.  To anyone that has been following the team closely, you should be able to go around the horn and name multiple injuries to just about everyone in the starting lineup.

Fortunately for the Cardinals, Jon Jay has returned to the lineup and immediately started contributing, Lance Berkman is back from his torn meniscus surgery, and the Cards just added a reliever to bolster their bullpen in Brian Fuentes. I think that between the Cardinals relentless offensive production and mild pitching versatility, we have the ability to squeak into October ball.