I attended a Q&A session with John Mozeliak this morning at the Winter Warm-Up. Here’s some of what he had to say:

— He said that a lack of big free agent contracts this offseason is mostly a reflection of what’s coming up through the minor league system. They spent a lot of money drafting specific players that they would hope to contribute at the Major League level, and now they’re excited that those investments are going to start to pay off.

John Mozeliak

— He’s going to certainly try and extend Adam Wainwright‘s contract. It’s a pretty long and expensive investment, but that need of a veteran pitcher is necessary to a winning team, and if the dollars and years make sense, he will try and make it happen.

— While he explored for shortstops this offseason, no deal ever really made sense. He said that you can always spend money and you can always make trades, that ability never goes away. It’s when you spend money in the wrong places that hurts you.

— It is Daniel Descalso‘s job to lose to at second base. Matt Carpenter could be an option, but Descalso has proved that he has the ability to play every day at second base.

— Kolten Wong and Oscar Taveras are unlikely to make the Opening Day roster, assuming there are no injuries. To see them in September though is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities.

— He could imagine Trevor Rosenthal in a closer-type role should the starting rotation not work out, but as of right now he is very excited about Shelby Miller, Joe Kelly, and Rosenthal all contributing to the starting rotation.

Overall it was a very informative and fun session. He was very receptive to the fans and very candid about the operations going on in the front office.