In his limited time with the Cardinals, Zach Duke has already walked in two game-winning/tying runs. Last night Duke finally got his redemption.

Last night, Zach Duke was called in to clean up Matt Bowman’s mess and maintain their one run lead. This was a scary moment, as Matt Bowman had loaded the bases with two outs. The call to Duke was a scary one for many, because in similar situations he had done horribly. Most noticeably, Duke was called in during a close game against the Cubs and walked in the winning run.

Unlike those other situations, Zach Duke did exactly what what he meant to do, get an out. And also unlike those other spots, Zach Duke didn’t even throw a ball, striking out the batter.

Unfortunately it’s easy to let these moments define Duke’s time with the Cardinals. His contribution to the team has been overshadowed by these very costly mistakes. Holding a 2.16 ERA, Duke has one of the lowest ERAs in the Cardinal’s bullpen. Come postseason time, Duke will be called on in some very important situations. I’m sure that those two walks were on Duke’s mind when he was called upon to come into a one run game with the bases loaded. This strikeout most definitely means a lot to Duke, and will no doubt provide a confidence boost for him.


Photo Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports